Avoiding Wedding Drama – Controlling Your Emotions

September 19, 2012 by admin

A wedding can be an emotional day for all the parties involved. The bride and groom, your families, and your bridal party will experience feelings and want to voice their opinions on items ranging from who should be included on the guest list, what decorations you should use at the reception, what special foods should be included on the menu or what kinds of music should be played. This will create substantial opportunity for drama to present itself.

The bride may have inner battles regarding some of her choices at the last minute – second guessing herself. Here’s some advice on weathering these situations:

Take Time for a Breather

Plan fun things to do with your future spouse that doesn’t have anything to do with the wedding arrangements and discussions. You will find that staying connected to your sweetheart is so very important. Just think….this is the first big project the two of you are planning together.

The same thought applies to your close friends – they have many experiences going on in their daily lives that they will want to share with you that aren’t wedding-related. Make sure you aren’t  letting wedding day drama absorb your whole life.

Stay Healthy & Fit

Now is not the time to let your personal fitness routine, adequte diet regime, medical appointments, etc. be ignored and overlooked. You will want to look and feel your very best on your wedding day, rather than over-stressed by the all the arrangements, appointments and the inevitable wedding theatrics. Keep everything in perspective…even if you’re on a short schedule, missing a small detail is a minor cost compared to feeling overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning process.

Make Use of Your Voicemail

It’s very easy to get bombarded by phone calls from your family, friends and wedding vendors. Let your voicemail or email service help slow down the pace of all the wedding drama. When you screen your phone calls, you will get the shorter version of the message and if something is urgent you can respond….otherwise it can wait. You will find that you can give a more thoughtful reply to the caller if you are able to give your full concentration to their call. Multi-tasking is great….but try to respond to calls when you are not so rushed and tired.

Be Open to Suggestions

Those closest to you may give you some wonderful ideas that you hadn’t considered. Give their suggestions some consideration in your planning. Let them know that their ideas are appreciated and give them a chance to feel part of the planning by letting them know you are considering their ideas.  You will want to avoid  answering their suggestion quickly or rashly. Make sure that your “yes” to their idea is one that you can stick with so that you don’t disappoint them later on when they find out you did not incorporate their suggestion.

Ultimately The Decision is Yours

It’s your right to choose whether or not to incorporate suggestions.  Make the decision that just feels right – remeber that there are no wrong answers.  As you reflect on your planning, staying in control can help you to not feel pulled in many directions as the wedding drama begins to erupt.  Afterall, it’s your special day and your decision needs to be respected.

After you’ve made your decisions, try to make amends with family or friends if you feel that you disappointed them. Be sure to advise them why you decided not to accept their suggestion and that you hope they’ll respect your decision. Being assertive in a kind way should bring the whole issue to an end and hopefully keep the wedding drama to a minimum.

No Cause for Alarm 

Not every slip up is an emergency, so avoid letting the alarm bells ring when there seems to be a problem. Expect oversights – people are human and make mistakes.  But don’t let these little things ruin your special day – wedding drama is a part of every bride’s celebration – but you can rise above all this drama and stay calm, cool and collected!

Take care of fixing the things that need to be done and then focus on having a happy wedding and looking forward to a new life. If something major does happen, think of the grand story you can tell your grandchildren.  Did you know that popular superstition says that the more wedding drama you have, the happier the marriage will be!

Through all the confusion and stress, just remember to take deep breaths and don’t sweat the small stuff. No matter what situations come up on your wedding day, you’ll experience a day with treasured memories that will last a lifetime and you probably won’t even remember the wedding drama that occurred.

Finding the Perfect Bridal & Bridesmaid Jewelry

August 23, 2012 by admin

So you have selected your wedding gown, you have found the perfect bridal shoes and decided on a terrific hairstyle, but you still need to find the bridal jewelry to accessorize the complete bridal look.  What style of wedding jewelry would be the perfect choice?

Faux Ivory Pearl & CZ Bridal Jewelry

Faux Ivory Pearl & CZ Bridal Jewelry

The necklace & earrings you select can make a huge difference in the overall look you desire for your wedding day.  Some brides would like to be covered with diamonds or pearls, but many modern day gowns are adorned with a variety of rhinestones & crystals or pearls & beads, so you will want to pay particular attention to the bridal and bridesmaid jewelry you choose to ensure that the jewelry complements the gown perfectly. You don’t want the jewelry to compete for attention with your wedding gown, but rather be just the right accent.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace & Earrings

Freshwater Pearl Necklace & Earrings Perfect Bride & Bridesmaid Jewelry

What is the theme of your bridal gown? If your dress has beautiful Swarovski crystals and beads then you will want your jewelry to feature some similar stones rather than wear, for instance, freshwater pearls. Select the best jewelry that compliments rather than detracts from your wedding apparel. 

Swarovski Crystal Necklace & Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Necklace & Earrings

As a bride, you will want the guests to notice your best features as well as the stunning wedding gown you will wear on your special day. For instance, if you know that your eyes are one of your best features, then focus on accentuating that feature by wearing jewelry that is close to your face like crystal or pearl earrings or a stunning pearl hair comb or antique vintage headband. If you choose a tiara or bridal headpiece you will want to ensure that the headpiece compliments your bridal jewelry. The bride does not want to wear a tiara or headband that clashes with the rest of the jewelry she is wearing. Often, some brides wear lovely, delicate wedding necklaces & earrings but they add a large, heavy headpiece which ruins the overall appearance they wanted to achieve.


Silver Wedding Headband with Faux Pearls

Silver Wedding Headband with Faux Pearls


Accessorizing for the wedding can take place in many forms – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair combs, headbands, tiaras, pendants and brooches to name a few. But did you know that you can add jewels to your shoes for an extra special wow factor? Many shoe retailers also sell beaded or crystal bows and accents that you can add to the front of your shoes for an added sparkle of excitement. Just make sure you keep in mind that you want to compliment your gown with the same kind of beads, crystals or pearls as your wedding dress or jewelry.

Faux Pearl Five Strand Bracelet

Faux Pearl Five Strand Bracelet

Lastly, in choosing bridal jewelry it’s best not to go overboard.  As the saying goes, “Less is More.”  If you wear too many pieces of bridal jewelry with your gown, you may spoil the overlook of your apparel. Keep it simple and elegant and let your bridal gown be the main focus when you walk down the aisle to your groom.

Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Multi-Strand Wedding Jewelry

Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Multi-Strand Wedding Jewelry

Bride’s Want To Know – What Is a Tussy Mussy (Tussie Mussie)?

August 7, 2012 by admin

HISTORY: It seems that the tussy mussy (or nosegay) began in England around the Elizabethan era (1558–1603). During that period of Queen Elizabeth, judges carried tussie-mussies into their courtrooms to offer protection against “gaol fever” commonly known as Typhus. In modern times, judges at England’s highest court, the Old Bailey, celebrate this age-old tradition by carrying a tussie-mussie into court 6 times throughout the year. During the Victorian age tussie-mussies were carried close to the nose to avert the smells of the English streets and the plague. The tussie mussies were made up of scented herbs like rosemary, thyme, and rue. The ancient custom of distributing pungent herbs on the floors of people’s homes was thought to give protection to people from germs and provide herbal fragrances – which was a form of early aromatherapy.

Tussy Mussy with Holder makes a beautiful bouquet holder and table centerpiece

Tussy Mussy with Holder makes a beautiful bouquet holder and table centerpiece

The Victorians also turned the presentation of flowers as gifts into an art form.  At the beginning of a courtship it was a common practice for suitors to give their young lady a tussie-mussie. Floriography, a communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send a coded message,  would allow an individual to express their feelings which might not be able to be spoken to a person they were courting. This practice brought a new dimension to tussie-mussies. Many floral dictionaries were published giving the meanings of each flower and herb that could be used in these floral arrangements. The symbolic meanings were taken from classical mythology, religious symbolism, ancient lore, and a bit of creativity on the part of the floral arranger. For instance: Red roses still imply passionate, romantic love and pink roses a lesser affection; a white rose would suggest virtue and chastity and yellow roses reflect friendship or devotion. Sunflowers can represent either haughtiness or respect. The iris, which was named for the messenger of the gods in Greek methology, still represents the sending of a message.

This nickel plated tussy mussy has a rose base

This nickel plated tussy mussy has a rose base

Today, the term Tussy Mussy, usually refers to the holder that you can purchase to hold your small bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets. These bouquet holders are usually made of metal or glass and come in a variety of sizes. The sizes range from 3 ½ inches up to 9 inches in length. The diameter of the tussie mussies can range from 1 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches. Some of the metal holders are embossed with a delicate design to give your holder an old-world look and feel….a Victorian type reproduction. In the metal designs you will find silverplate, nickel plate, bronze and brass. Most of the nickel plated mussies look like silver but are tarnish proof and will last for years as a keepsake of your wedding. You can also find tussie mussies that are part of a centerpiece holder called an epergne. These epergnes usually hold 4-5 tussie mussies in different sizes and they make a unique banquet or wedding reception centerpiece for the head table or cake table.

Silver nickel plated tussie mussie has 4 tussie mussies

Silver nickel plated tussie mussie has 4 tussie mussies

Unique Wedding Reception Traditions

July 25, 2012 by admin

In countries around the world or in different cultures there is a wide variety of different post festive wedding ideas. In Great Britain, people often have a sit down dinner after the wedding ceremony and then they dance the night away with music and lots of alcohol where people often drink way too much.

In Italy the wedding guests dance the Tarantella which is a particular style of Italian folk dance. Different Italian provinces and regions have their own unique variation of this dance, such as Tarantella Calabrese and Tarantella Napoletana. There is also another style of dance called a cookie dance. In this Italian tradition, wedding guests form a long line, similar to a conga line. The line circulates around the reception venue, passing by a dessert table layden with cookies. Each wedding guest takes a treat as they pass the table. Some Italian receptions feature a special tray of wedding cookies piled in the shape of a cake used exclusively for the Cookie Dance.

Take a look at wedding traditions from around the globe and you may find traditional wedding reception ideas that might interest you. For instance, at a Greek wedding reception the bride leads a lively dance known as the kalamatiano, where the entire wedding party joins hands and skip in a circle. The wedding guests are crazy about the tsamiko, which features skilled dancers leaping into the air, and the wild zebekiko, where dancers sequentially drink shots of ouzo (a Greek liquor) off of the floor.

You may want to choose a theme for your wedding reception. Your theme could be an evening in Hawaii where all the ladies wear a flower behind their ear. If the lady wears her flower behind her right ear she indicates that she is single and a flower behind her left ear means she is taken. Ask the ladies to wear hawaiian print dresses and the men to wear their favorite Aloha shirts. Your food table would offer a banquet of Hawaiian favorites like roast pig, fresh pineapple, chicken long rice and Lomi salmon. And of course, what would a Hawaiian banquet be without the famous Mai-Tai cocktails.

Another great idea for a unique wedding reception is having the reception at a local winery and have wine tasting as part of the reception. Or maybe you are crazy about wild animals – how about having your reception at a zoo – think about how fun that would be especially for the families with kids.

One idea that should be considered is that the bride and groom make a special time at the end of the reception meal to go around and visit each table and thank everyone individually. Visiting each guest at their table is practiced in a variety of cultures where giving money to the bride and groom is the normal gift. The bride and groom visit each table and say their thank you as they are handed envelopes of cash.

There is an endless array of unique wedding reception ideas a couple can use to make their wedding party a memorable event. The couple doesn’t have to follow the normal tradition of a banquet and dancing – the reception can be full of innovative ideas to keep the guests amused until the event has ended.

Monogram Cake Tops – Personalized & Elegant Wedding Decor

July 17, 2012 by admin

Your wedding cake or anniversary cake should be decorated to represent your taste in style, color and design. The top of the cake should be an interesting focal point as your guests view your cake table. One of the most popular ways to add flair and elegance to the top of a wedding or anniversary cake is adorning the top of the cake with the bride and groom’s monogram initials.  On a wedding cake, the bride now has a special way to show everyone her new initials and the groom has a chance to show everyone that he has added his bride to his monogram. This will also become a permanent keepsake for the wedding couple that they can reuse on any special anniversary.

Monogram cake tops have really become so popular in the last few years that they are now available in a wide variety of styles, accents, materials and colors.  You will probably want to choose a set of monogram initials in a color scheme to match the colors on your cake or the colors of your wedding or anniversary decorations.  For a special anniversary there are distinct color choices you should consider: 25th anniversary = Silver;  40th anniversary = Ruby;  50th anniversary = Gold;  60th anniversary = Diamond.  You can purchase any number from 0-9 so that you can use these numbers for any special event such as anniversaries, birthdays, commemorative occasion or corporate event.

When choosing a monogram cake top you will have the option of choosing from a variety of materials. Normally you choose the letters you want as individual cake letters which gives you the option of placing them on the cake as close together as needed and in any order. You can also purchase hearts and ampersands to put with your first initials for a unique design for your cake topper.  Here is a brief list of the types of materials that are available through retailers: 

Painted Resin – This is the least expensive type of monogram cake top available. Usually comes in silver or gold in a block letter or script letter. You don’t have to be concerned about tarnishing because it’s made of a hard molded plastic material. Typically the size ranges from 2.5 inches high to 4.5 inches high.


Resin Monogram Cake Topper

Resin Monogram Cake Topper with Rhinestones


Acrylic Mirror – The acrylic mirrored style cake tops are usually custom made-to-order.  They are available in several thicknesses such as: 1/8 inch, ¼ inch or ½ inch.  Because this style of material is made-to-order, the retailer can order your monogram cake top in whatever size you want usually up to about 8 inches high or wide.  You want to make sure that you work with your cake baker to determine the proper size in width needed for your cake top before you place your order for this style of cake top. Usually custom made cake tops are not refundable once they are cut to order. The smaller thickness size (1/8 inch) are usually only mirrored on the front side of the initials or numbers.  The double sided mirrored cake tops (1/4 inch) are best for a cake that will be viewed from all sides. As an added accent on the mirrored letters and numbers you can order them with colored crystals in dozens of choices to match your occasion.


Mirrored Monogram Cake Toppers

Mirrored Monogram Cake Toppers Available in Gold or Silver


Metal – There is a much larger variety of metal monogram cake top letters and numbers than in the other materials.  You will find silver-plated metal, gold-plated metal and aluminum metal that is custom made-to-order. The styles of lettering come in the most popular fonts and in any special font that you may want in the custom made-to-order metal.  The most popular fonts are: Commercial Script, French Script, Renaissance, Vintage Style, Harrington, Chopin Script, Benquiat, Amazone and Roman Block style. The aluminum metal monogram cake tops can be enhanced with crystal accents in your choice of colors.  Adding crystals to the monogram will increase the price but the results are so spectacular you will find the price was well worth it.

Monogram Cake Top Made of Metal

Monogram Cake Top Made of Metal

Swarovski Crystal – Your wedding or anniversary cake will sparkle with elegance with metal letters or numbers completely decorated with Swarovski crystals.  For the most elegant of monogram cake toppers you’ll want to select from the variety of clear Swarovski crystal monogram cake letters or numbers that are available from local or online retailers.  These sparkling monogram cake tops have been seen on some of the most expensive cakes at the weddings of the rich and famous. The Swarovski crystals come in different shapes from round to marquis. Some of the letters are only partial decorated and other letters are completed covered with crystals for a dazzling effect. These gorgeous crystal letters come in sizes ranging from small (2.5 in tall) to large (4.5 in tall).  You can choose from several popular fonts.  You will want to make sure to measure the top of your cake so that you order a letter size that will be the perfect size in width for your wedding or anniversary cake.

Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Topper is so elegant