How to Choose a Bridal Headband or Headpiece

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What does a bride look for when choosing bridal headband or headpiece?  She should know that it is important to not only take into consideration the beauty of the headpiece, but also the practicality of the style.  The bride’s hairstyle should not be too cumbersome, uncomfortable or detract from her wedding gown or her face.  For the most part, these are a few of the reasons that the styles of most bridal headbands and headpieces are relatively simple and understated.

bridal headpieces should be simple but elegant

Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Tiara

Some delicate bridal headbands and headpieces often resemble a piece of jewelry. If a specific wedding headpiece or tiara has been chosen prior to the wedding because it is a family heirloom or it caught the bride’s eye while she was bridal gown shopping, her hairstyle will need to be created by her hairstylist to support and compliment the headpiece.

this bridal or prom headpiece looks like jewelry

Freshwater Pearl Designer Look Bridal Headpiece

But if the bride is most concerned about her hairstyle, then the headpiece will need to be selected keeping in mind the needs and limitations of the bride’s preferred hairstyle. In either case, it should be taken into account that bridal headbands and headpieces usually are not very functional or strong and should not be relied upon to keep in place a large quantity of the bride’s hair in place. Wedding headbands or headpieces are usually ornate accessories and should not be expected to fulfill the hairstyle needs of the bride. Additional pinning or hair accessories may be needed to provide support for the bride’s wedding hairdo.

Antique Silver Vintage Design Bridal Headpiece

Quite often brides are surprised to find that bridal headbands and headpieces require advance fitting just like any other item of the bride’s apparel. Uncomfortably tight or heavy headbands or headpieces can make the wedding day less enjoyable for the bride. It’s important for the bride to try on her headpiece with the wedding gown and veil to make sure all the pieces coordinate well together.  The accessories may be quite lovely when worn separately but may not work well when worn together.


Silver Leaf Design Elegant Bridal Headband


All too often many brides wait until the last minute to try on their headpiece.  They think they will magically fit perfectly and when they don’t…. the bride winds up scrambling for a replacement headpiece. The bride should begin shopping for her wedding headbands or headpieces early in her wedding planning stages just as she would her wedding gown. Always check the return policy from any wedding accessory vendor and explain that you will need to try it with the bridal gown before making a final decision. Most wedding vendors dealing are used to this request and should be able to make accommodations for the bride.

Crystal & Pearl Hair Vine Hairwrap for the Bride

It is also important for the bride to have a consultation with her hairstylist regarding her headband or headpiece. The bride should have a dry run with the hairstylist and make-up provider weeks before the wedding day. A stylists opinion  on the practicality of her headpiece will help the bride make the final decision as well as seeing her choice in design with the hairstyle.

Art Nouveau Pave Crystal Bridal Headband


March 20, 2013 by admin

When a bride shops for her wedding veil she can get very confused over the names of the types of bridal veil edgings that are available.  For instance, what is a soutache edge on a wedding veil or a rattail edge? What does a filament edge look like?  What type of edging would work best for the gown that the bride will be wearing on her wedding day?

It can get very confusing to make the right choice so that the bride’s wedding veil will look perfect with the style of wedding dress that she has purchased.  When a bride wants to consider the best options for a wedding veil she will want to choose a veil that is a compliment to her gown.  She needs to find a veil that has similar design accents as her gown but does not clash with the gown.  As an example, if the wedding gown as a lot of pearl beading she may want to chose a veil that has a light pearl edge as a compliment to the pearl accents of her dress.

wedding veil edgings

Examples of Wedding Veil Edges

The most basic type of veil edging is a cut edge.  This is simply veiling that has no edge at all. The next most popular veil edging is a corded edge.  This type of edging has a very small cord finish on the edge of the veil and can come in a variety of colors.  A pencil edge is the thinnest, most subtle edging sewn on a veil.  It is also called a rolled edge or an embroidered edge.  This type of edging should be the same color as the veiling material. A filament edge on a veil is a little thicker rounded edging than a corded edge and gives the veil a more polished edge.  The next type of veil edging is a rattail edge.  This type of edging is the next step up from a filament edge as far as thickness and also comes in a variety of colors.  A soutache veil edge is very flat and wide and usually comes in the color of the veil material.

bridal veil with soutache edge

Lovely Wedding Veil with Soutache Edge

If a bride wants a wide fabric edge on her bridal veil she may prefer a ribbon edge.  Ribbon edging usually comes in 1/8 inch width or 3/8 inch width.  You can chose from many different colors of ribbon to match the color on your dress or as an accent color to your dress.  Ribbon edging can be sheer or opaque.  Sheer ribbon edge can come as wide as 5/8 inch width.

Bridal veils with beaded or metallic edges are always quite popular.  You can find wedding veils with pearl edges, rhinestone or crystal edges, metallic thread edges and bugle bead edges.  The bride should look for a veil with a beaded edge that picks up the same type of beading as her dress.  If the bridal gown is very plain the bride may want to consider a veil that has very detailed beading or motifs that will add a wonderful design accent.

fingertip length bridal veil with bugle bead, sequin and pearl beaded edge

Sequin & Pearl Beaded Edge Bridal Veil is Fingertip Length

Lace edging is very popular for mantilla style veils which were the tradition centuries ago in Hispanic wedding ceremonies.  Now many brides chose a mantilla style veil because they love the lovely lace accents that seem very romantic and quite beautiful.  Lace edging can be very large or small and delicate.  The lace can have detailed designs of flowers or vines or just be a simple Victorian scroll.


mantilla style lace edge wedding veil

Elegant Mantilla Style Bridal Veil with Lace Edge


Like the wedding gown, the color and design of the bridal veil is a personal choice that is influenced by the personal taste and preference of the individual bride.  And today’s bride has so many choices among the many designers of wedding veils.  She’s bound to find just the right veil for her wedding day.


November 15, 2012 by admin

One of the most popular accessories for your wedding will probably be a wedding guest book. You can choose to go with a traditional style of guest book or you can choose one of the more popular and unique forms of guest signatures.  The guest book is typically placed at the entrance to the wedding reception where your family and friends can sign their names and maybe a brief comment to let you know that they attended and that they wish you the best.

This wedding guest book has a place for a photo

Since many wedding receptions can include a large number of guests it can be difficult for the bride and groom to know which of their invited guests were able to attend. After all the festivities of their special day, the bride and groom will want a keepsake that they can cherish that will include a list of all their friends and family who shared their celebration. Having a book or other item that the guests can sign is one way of capturing those memories.

Starfish Beach Theme Wedding Accessories includes Guest Book & Pen


Black and White Damask Wedding Accessories

When you begin your shopping for a wedding guest book you will find hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. If you are going to purchase a traditional style bound signing book then you will be able to choose from guest books that come in fabric and lace, black & white damask, pearl accents, hot in style colors like ivory, mocha, chocolate brown, eggplant, taupe, red, silver or gold and many other colors and accents. You can go with themed guest books that match your wedding theme like western cowboy, beach or seashell, Cinderella or fairytale theme, winter snowflake, fall or autumn, romance, hearts or flowers.

Winter Theme Wedding Accessories with Snowflakes

If you want to go non-traditional you can purchase signing plates or platters that come with permanent ink markers.  Or you can find beautiful guest book frames which allow your guests to sign the matting of the photo frame which would include your wedding photo.  Another unique idea for your guests is a wedding wishes envelope book where each guest can leave a special message on note cards that are kept in a special album.  Another unique idea is a family tree guest book alternative which can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date and will become a treasured family keepsake in the years to come. How about creating a custom puzzle with your names and place the puzzle pieces in a large bowl where each guest can take a piece of the puzzle and write their wishes to the bride and groom.  Other unique ideas include creating quilt pieces to be signed and sewn into a quilt after the wedding or guests fill out recipe cards with their favorite family recipes, vintage post cards for signing, homemade poster with unique artwork, a favorite photo book as a guest book on a subject the couple loves like birds or animals and a signing scroll.

Family Tree Guest Book Alternative



Wedding Guest Book Good Wishes Note Cards


Whatever guest book idea the bride and groom decide to use at their reception it will become a wonderful and treasured keepsake of their special day and an item they will share often with family and friends.

How Bride’s Save on Wedding Flowers

October 14, 2012 by admin

It’s incredible how much many brides are willing to spend for fresh flowers for the church, the wedding reception and their bridal bouquet. If you’re watching your budget closely, buying fresh flowers can take a big chunk of your wedding planning budget – especially if you want to use non-seasonal flowers. 

Bridal Bouquets Come In All Colors

Bridal Bouquets Come In All Colors

A bride can save some money if she opts to use silk flowers for her bouquet and table centerpieces. Many kinds of silk flowers are very affordable and quite lovely. They come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs.

Silk Bridal Bouquets Come in a Variety of Styles

Silk Bridal Bouquets Come in a Variety of Styles

A competent wedding planner should be able to find the best deals and negotiate with local florists for you.   If you can’t afford a wedding planner, then you need to become a very assertive businesswoman and to get the wedding flowers you want for your special day.   When you walk into a local flower shop, ask to see a book of photos of previous wedding flowers and bridal bouquets and table arrangements they’ve done for other brides.  If they can’t provide examples of their work find a different florist. 

Normally these examples won’t have prices shown, so when you begin your conversation with the florist about your wedding flowers, you will need to tell her in advance that you have a limited wedding budget.  Don’t offer the vendor the exact amount you want to spend – instead just say, “I have a small budget for the flowers.” 

Ask the florist if she can explain to you the different variations of wedding flowers that  can be substituted for the flowers shown in the photo book that would look almost identical to the more expensive version.  Also ask about saving on your budget by utilizing a simplistic wedding flower design – such as a pure cut bouquet.  When a florist vendor has to create an arrangement, the costs are much higher than using a natural arrangement.  Here is another option: Purchase a book on how to create floral designs and then buy the flowers at a good price and arrange them yourself or ask a family member to help you.  

Great DIY Wedding Design Books

Great DIY Wedding Design Books

Wedding flowers can be just a simple bridal bouquet or all the other floral options you need – including groom and groomsmen boutonnières, corsages for Mother-of-the-Bride and Groom, wedding ceremony and reception décor, and a tossing bouquet. You may have to pick and choose the floral arrangements that are most important to you and not go for all the other normal floral options. Or you can choose fresh flowers for the bridal bouquet and silk flowers for the table arrangements.  If you can’t afford floral centerpieces at the reception, you can substitute candles or seashells or other inexpensive items for your centerpieces and save the fresh flowers for your bouquet and ceremony décor.  

Floating Candles & Beads

An Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece

Here’s an idea – how about using the ceremony wedding flowers at your reception hall or banquet room.  There’s often a time gap between the wedding ceremony and reception, so appoint a friend or family member to take the wedding flowers and arrange them on the reception tables and cake table.  Another good idea, is to share flowers by having your wedding directly after a holiday or other event at your church so that you can utilize the existing floral arrangements. Find out with the church or hall if there are other wedding ceremonies booked the same day and contact the other bride to see if you can share flower costs.  Decide to hold your wedding outdoors in a beautiful park or garden where you can utilize the existing plants and flowers as part of your wedding ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Utilizes Natural Backdrop

Outdoor Wedding Utilizes Natural Backdrop

To get the best prices on flowers avoid having your wedding in February because prices are higher due to Valentine’s Day – especially on roses.

Beautiful Pink & Lavender Roses Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful Pink & Lavender Roses Bridal Bouquet

When deciding to go with silk or fresh flowers, choose your wedding flowers with your color scheme in mind and be flexible when choosing the exact type of flower – if you’re willing to accept less expensive substitutes, then you’ll find you can probably afford to have real blossoms on your wedding day. 

How to Negotiate & Get the Best Deals with Wedding Vendors

October 2, 2012 by admin

Remember to be polite when talking with your wedding vendors – quite often an overbearing or demanding person actually gets less than they want from a negotiation.  When you are a pleasant and courteous person during negotiations you imply that you will be a customer that will be easy to work with.  Vendors know that a difficult client will cost them added time in handling complaints or disagreements and most often these customers will be making last-minute changes.

A wedding vendor will be thinking that a disagreeable customer is less likely to provide complimentary word-of-mouth for their wedding services or retail shop.  An experienced vendor understands the value of  their time and goodwill which will equate to savings during your wedding negotiations.

How did you hear about the vendor – from a friend or family member?  Perhaps you were impressed by their product or service at a recent wedding that you attended. Did they offer wedding designs that were unique or custom? When you share your thoughts about what you have experienced at other events a reputable vendor will take pride in his or her work and letting them know your feelings can help with wedding negotiations. 

Don’t hold back from sharing your honest compliments and excitement about their work. When you express interest in working with a particular vendor you will benefit by your sincere interest in working with them. Every vendor will perceive flattery as very positive and will want to be more accommodating to you in the negotions for your wedding.

In the wedding planning stages, focus on the “we” in wedding. You will want to see your wedding vendors as your teammates and coaches who will lead you to a successful event.  The wedding vendors have the ability to calm your fears and guide you to the best solutions.  You are both working together towards the same goals:  a beautiful wedding with a calm and de-stressed, happy bride.  Your wedding negotiations can become a pleasant experience for everyone involved!

When working with your wedding plans and your vendors try to remove your emotions as much as possible. Remember you want to think your plans through with a clear head and use the logic side of your brain more often than the emotion side of your brain. You will definitely be glad that you made clear and logical decisions when the wedding day is long past.

When negotiating prices and products try to think: “What would my wedding planner do?”  A professional wedding planner would sit down with you, get as much input on what you wanted for your wedding as possible and then negotiate for you with your vendors to get you the best deals.  During negotiations no one has to know you are the bride – you just let them know that you are the person handling the arrangements.

When you make an appointment with a vendor to go over their services, be respectful of their time and keep your schedule. If you find that you are running late, be sure to call the vendor and ask if they will be able to adjust their schedule that day to meet with you.   Always offer to reschedule the wedding negotiations if you can’t make a scheduled appointment.

Be aware of the time during your appointment, too. If negotiations are running long and it’s getting close to closing time, offer to come back again to complete your negotiations. Often they will insist that you stay and finish, but you want to be polite and respectful of their time. When you are considerate and you acknowledge that they may have other obligations you will make yourself a customer worthy of receiving a discount during wedding negotiations.

If you are discussing prices for services on a Saturday afternoon during the height of wedding season then you will have less negotiating room than if you are planning a wedding in the off-season. Keep an open mind about setting the dates and times for delivery of the vendors products or services – be open for suggestions and you may experience unconsidered alternatives during your wedding negotiations that can be quite profitable.

Be flexible – not everything needs to be negotiable. However, you can save your budgeted funds in the adjustable areas.  Most wedding vendors know the tricks of their trade, and being flexible gives them room to use their knowledge and experience to accommodate your needs whenever you and your fiance meet for your own wedding negotiations.