What’s a Unity Sand Ceremony?

October 1, 2013 by admin

In the past few years, it has become a popular wedding tradition to incorporate a Sand Ceremony into the wedding ceremony. It’s a simple, and visually appealing part of the wedding ceremony.  It represents the blending of two people’s lives – the bride & groom – and in many cases it can represent the blending of two families when the bride and groom have children from previous unions.  The sand contains many small particles that would be impossible to separate….so the lives of the bride and groom become intertwined and impossble to separate.

A Unique Sand Ceremony Kit

A Unique Sand Ceremony Kit

In the Unity Sand Ceremony there are usually three vessels or containers – one large container and two smaller vases or containers.  Two vases have colored sand – one for the bride and one for the groom and there is a larger container that the bride and groom pour their sand into.

Sand Ceremony Kit with Hearts in Black & White

Sand Ceremony Kit with Hearts in Black & White

During the ceremony the wedding officiant usually has a special script that he reads that guides the couple in the ceremony and explains how the pouring of the sand will signify the blending of their two lives.  If children are to be included in this ceremony they would also have smaller vases with their own color of sand that they could add to the larger vessel showing that their lives are also being blended in unity.

Beautiful Sand Ceremony Vases with Heart Stems

Beautiful Sand Ceremony Vases with Heart Stems

This wedding custom has become a treasured keepsake because it can be personalized to the theme of the wedding in that the sand comes in a variety of colors and the sand can be placed in many different types of holders or vases.  Many retailers offer Sand Ceremony Kits that can be personalized with the names of the wedding couple and other information like the wedding date thus making this wedding custom a very personal treasure for years to come.

Variety of Sand Colors

Variety of Sand Colors

Unique Personalized Groom & Groomsman Gifts

July 19, 2013 by admin

In years past, the most popular groom and groomsmen gifts were usually a personalized beer mug or pocket knife.  But today’s groom and groomsmen’s gifts offer much more unique style, variety, colors and functionality. With the advent of internet shopping, the bride and goom can shop for their wedding party gifts in the comfort of their home and find 1,000’s of gift choices to fit their budget.

When choosing a gift for your groom, bestman or groomsman think about their lifestyle or hobbies. What does your wedding party like to do in their sparetime?  Do they work in an office or out in the field?  Do they travel a lot or are they more the “stay at home” type?  Are they avid sportsmen?  The answers to these questions should give you a clue as to the type of gift the groom or groomsman may enjoy.

For the sports fan among your ushers and groomsmen you might want to consider one of these great gifts:

  • Personalized Football-Shaped Beer Glass with two-sided personalization (name on one side and title on the other like Best Man or Groomsman)

    Your groom and groomsmen will enjoy these football shaped beer glasses

    Personalized football shaped beer glass - Groom & Groomsmen Gift



Your golfing friend will love this Executive Putter Set


Two-In-One Cooler-Duffle Bag - great for tailgate parties or camping
Two-In-One Cooler-Duffle Bag – great for tailgate parties or camping

 Personalized NFL Dog Tags – Order your usher’s favorite NFL team

NFL Personalized Dog Tags
NFL Personalized Dog Tags


Football Man Cave Print

Football Man Cave Print

 Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter– for the Best Man who loves his “Harley”

Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter
Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter can be personalized for the Best Man
  •  NFL Personalized Man Cave Pub Sign – Your friends and family who love watching football will be thrilled with a personalized pub sign with their favorite NFL team to put above their bar in their man cave.
Personalized NFL Pub Sign

Personalized NFL Pub Sign for the Football Fanatic

With today’s high tech world the gift industry is making sure there are a variety of great gifts to meet the demands of their customers. If your ushers and bestman are techies then one of these great high tech gifts may be just right:

Personalized Cell iPhone Case – Several masculine designs from which to choose including camouflage, american flag, black diamond, graffitti and tweed

Personalized iPhone Case with Masculine Designs
Personalized iPhone Case with Masculine Designs
  • Personalized iPad Case –  soft black vinyl and secured with a sturdy strap, the case’s unique design makes it easy to get your iPad in and out.
    Personalized iPad Case

    Personalized iPad Case for the Techies in your group


Do your friends or family have professional jobs with their own office or cubicle?  You might want to consider a functional or attractive gift for their desk or office.  Are they required to travel often for their company?  Why not give them a practical yet very personalized gift they can use on business trips.  The selection of gifts below may offer the perfect solution for your wedding party:

  • Personalized Men’s Travel Bag – This attractive bag has a hangar and can hold all his personal items for grooming and is embroidered with up to three initials.


Men's Personalized Travel Bag

Men's Personalized Travel Bag

  •  Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag– For the man on the go this leather toiletry bag will be a welcome gift that he can use for years to come.

    Personalized Leather Men's Toiletry Bag

    Personalized Leather Men's Toiletry Bag


  • Personalized Logan Deluxe Duffel Bag– For your ushers this would make a great bag that can be used the day of the wedding to carry their personal items and a great bag for travel.

    Men's Personalized Duffle Bag

    Men's Personalized Duffle Bag


  • Personalized Expandable Men’s Business Card Case– The professional businessman in your wedding party group can always use a better way to keep their business cards. It’s silver in front and black leather in the back.

    Personalized Silver Expandable Business Card Case

    Personalized Silver Expandable Business Card Case


  •  Silver Personalized Travel Cigar Case– Do your friends love a good cigar? This cigar case is made for travel and holds 3 of their favorite cigars.

    Personalized Silverplated Cigar Case

    Personalized Silverplated Cigar Case


Whatever gifts you choose to honor the men in your wedding party will be a nice and thoughtful way to let your friends and family know how much you appreciate that they are sharing one of the most important days of your life.  It’s customary to give these gifts to your bestman and groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner but anytime prior to the wedding would be acceptable.



How Bride’s Show Appreciation to Their Bridal Party

June 3, 2013 by admin

When a bride asks her friends and family members to be a part of her wedding she knows that this means asking her friends and family to make a personal sacrifice of time and usually money in order to support her on her wedding day by taking part in the ceremony and/or the reception.  So it is customary for the bride to show her appreciation for their love and support by giving them a special gift of some kind at the Rehearsal Dinner or shortly before her wedding day. This gift does not have to be expensive but it does need to be a gift from her heart.

Personalized Tote Is A Great Bridesmaid Gift

As the bride contemplates what kind of gift she should bestow upon her bridal party she will find that there are literally 1,000 of items available that would be the perfect gift.  Many wedding retailers offer gifts that can be personalized with names or a monogram making the bridal party gift a treasured keepsake long after the wedding is over.  Such personalized items might include the following:

Personalized Silver Keepsake Box

  • Personalized tote bag  – which can be used to bring the bridesmaids accessories to the wedding ceremony location
  • Personalized Cell Phone Case – the bridal party will always remember the bride’s wedding day every time they make a mobile phone call
  • Engraved Jewelry  – a personalized necklace pendant or bracelet with a personalized charm is always a special bridesmaid or Maid of Honor gift
  • Engraved Photo Frame – the bride can have special photos taken of each of her bridesmaids and then present them with this photo in an engraved picture frame
  • Personalized Wine Glasses – the bridal party will love having a set of their own monogrammed wine glasses to show to their friends after the bride’s special day
  • Engraved Jewelry Box – every woman needs more space for their jewelry and there are a variety of silver or glass jewelry boxes available that can be personalized
  • Personalized Flip Flops – many brides are having destination weddings where the bridal party can wear flip flops in the ceremony and the bride can purchase them with embroidered name or initials
  • Personalized Shawls – the bridal party may need a wrap to keep them warm at an outdoor wedding ceremony so why not gift them a monogrammed shawl

    Personalized Bridesmaid Photo Frames


If the bride is a person who loves being crafty perhaps she will decide to make special gifts for her bridal party.  A few ideas for the bride who loves homemade gifts would be candles, scented soaps, knitted or crocheted shawl or lap blanket, personalized scrapbook album, hand-painted vase or an assortment of jams and jellies from the bride’s kitchen.



Other ideas for gifts can be to give each bridesmaid a gift card to her favorite spa or department store and let her pamper herself.  Buy the bridal party gift cards to local restaurants or night club. How about a box of chocolate truffles or a deluxe picnic basket full of gourmet food as a special gift.

Whatever the bride decides I am sure that the bridal party will feel loved and appreciated for helping the bride have a very special wedding ceremony and reception and they will treasure the special gift that she chose to give them as a “Thank You”.

How to Make Your Wedding at Home Into a Destination Dream

May 13, 2013 by admin

Are you planning a wedding in your home?  It doesn’t matter whether your budget made the choice to have a home wedding or you did, home weddings aren’t what they used to be.  Home weddings have progressed a long way over the past decade.  Now your home wedding can be as classy and special as any wedding held in a grand church or banquet hall for a fraction of your wedding budget.

The key to having a great home wedding is choosing a great theme.   Just because you’re a little strapped for cash doesn’t mean you have to settle on less than desirable decorations and furnishings.  If you’ve decided on a home wedding to save money and you’re delaying the honeymoon…. why not have a destination wedding at home and bring the flavor of your favorite travel spot to you?  It’s easy to plan. 

Most couples have a honeymoon location in mind long before their special day, even if they can’t afford to go there right away – why not create the illusion of that location on your wedding day and bring your guests with you?  Would you like to plan to go to an exotic destination like Tahiti, Paris or Acapolco or perhaps you are thinking a Cinderella or Fairytale theme?  Bring that special location to you instead.  There are several companies on the Internet that specialize in themed party items at or below wholesale cost, making an at home wedding ceremony and reception with a destination theme easy to plan and quite affordable.

Once you pick a theme for your home wedding, start looking around to see what you can find for your budget both online and in your local community at places like Party City or Michaels Crafts or Joann’s Fabrics.  For under $40 you can get Tiki Themed party favors for your Tahitian destination home wedding.  An additional $40 or so will get you low cost grass, paper lanterns, party lights, decorated or colored paper plates, cups, flatware and paper flowers.  For under $100 you’ve just brought your guests visually to Tahiti with you at your home wedding party!   You should also talk to family and friends and see if they have any decorations or furnishings that might work well with your theme. 

Other ways to enhance the destination feel of your home wedding include the food and music.  Your budget probably didn’t stretch any since you started planning your big day, so think of food and music solutions that won’t break the bank.  Call your local grocery store and talk to the deli manager.  You can order trays of sandwich fixin’s, appetizers and a salad array that uses the flavors of your destination for under $20 a tray in most places.  Your deli manager may have even more fun ideas as well (such as mini tacos for Mexico, or coconut shells for bowls for Tahiti) – things that are easy to implement at a home wedding with limited space.

For music, online stores such as iTunes or eMusic are great ways to stock your computer with the sounds of the ocean, or local bands from your home wedding destination spot.  You can then burn the music onto a CD and play it to guests attending your destination home wedding. 

If you don’t want to use piped in music, you can call your local college or high school and see if the orchestra would be willing to send a quartet (or go for the whole orchestra) to play for an hour during the ceremony and for the first part of the reception at your home wedding, and then you can switch to DJ-style music. 

A home wedding doesn’t have the stigma that it used to.  Celebrities are commonly having home weddings.  Let your hair down and enjoy “traveling” with your guests on your special day.

Wedding Cakes – Finding A Delicious Taste to Please Every Guest

April 26, 2013 by admin

A wedding cake no longer has to be a very gooey sweet baked good like in the past. Whether you have a desire for pineapple or coconut or kiwi, you can select a wedding cake flavor that will please and delight you and your wedding guests. Currently, the most popular wedding cake flavors are lemon, vanilla, chocolate, spice, and carrot.  Other popular flavors are pink champagne, white chocolate almond and butter rum.  Most frostings are usually butter cream or whipped cream.  If you are having a summer wedding or a wedding in a warm climate it’s best to go with butter cream which last longer and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Unique & Beautiful Wedding Cake

Unique & Beautiful Wedding Cake

If you’re planning to choose a wedding cake that’s out of the ordinary, always begin with the taste. Also consider the theme of your wedding when selecting your wedding cake. If you’re having an island wedding, go with the tastes and temptations of the island – coconut, mango, pina colada, and pineapple are popular tropical flavors. 

Tropical Theme Wedding Cake

Before you arrive at the “wedding cake tasting appointment” that your caterer will happily arrange for you, let them know your taste preferences. If you aren’t sure what you want for your wedding cake – only that it be different, advise them of the wedding theme or your favorite cake flavor.  They should be able to give you several choices that … and one of them should be just what you want.

Unique Wedding Cake Looks Like Suitcases

Don’t forget to select a unique flavor for your groom’s cake. You can be funny and very creative by opting out of the traditional chocolate or spice flavors. Consider these other options: Mexican chocolate, apple caramel, chocolate cappucino, brownie cake or banana nut.  You can just continue the theme or favorite flavor criteria that you used for the wedding cake.

Tuxedo Design Groom Cake with Strawberries

Cutting the wedding cake is usually the last tradition practiced in the celebration of your wedding day. If the cake tastes unique and delicious, your reception guests will leave the banquet with pleasant memories.  Whether you choose a traditional taste for your wedding cake or decide to reflect the theme or location of the wedding, it should be the flavor and design that you and your partner love and enjoy.

Cinderella Theme Castle Wedding Cake