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How to Make Your Wedding at Home Into a Destination Dream

May 13, 2013

Are you planning a wedding in your home?  It doesn’t matter whether your budget made the choice to have a home wedding or you did, home weddings aren’t what they used to be.  Home weddings have progressed a long way over the past decade.  Now your home wedding can be as classy and special as any wedding held in […]

Wedding Cakes – Finding A Delicious Taste to Please Every Guest

April 26, 2013

A wedding cake no longer has to be a very gooey sweet baked good like in the past. Whether you have a desire for pineapple or coconut or kiwi, you can select a wedding cake flavor that will please and delight you and your wedding guests. Currently, the most popular wedding cake flavors are lemon, vanilla, chocolate, spice, and […]

How to Choose a Bridal Headband or Headpiece

April 23, 2013

What does a bride look for when choosing bridal headband or headpiece?  She should know that it is important to not only take into consideration the beauty of the headpiece, but also the practicality of the style.  The bride’s hairstyle should not be too cumbersome, uncomfortable or detract from her wedding gown or her face.  […]


March 20, 2013

When a bride shops for her wedding veil she can get very confused over the names of the types of bridal veil edgings that are available.  For instance, what is a soutache edge on a wedding veil or a rattail edge? What does a filament edge look like?  What type of edging would work best […]


November 15, 2012

One of the most popular accessories for your wedding will probably be a wedding guest book. You can choose to go with a traditional style of guest book or you can choose one of the more popular and unique forms of guest signatures.  The guest book is typically placed at the entrance to the wedding […]