Monthly Archives: June 2012

Popular Locations for a Destination Wedding

June 22, 2012

When you are thinking of planning a destination wedding you will find there are so many beautiful and romantic locations in the world that it will be difficult to pick your favorite. Obviously, your wedding budget plays a big part in determining where in the world you can afford to travel. So first thing you […]

Does One Size Fit All When It Comes to Wedding Favors

June 15, 2012

Traditionally, the bridal couple would buy single wedding favors to give out to all of their wedding reception guests. But ordering a wine bottle stopper when some of your family or friends don’t partake of alcholic beverages – just doesn’t make sense. That means you are limited as to which what style of wedding favors […]

5 Great Reasons to Decide on a Destination Wedding

June 11, 2012

Think of choosing a destination wedding? Destination weddings are becoming very popular because planning one is so easy. You get a memory album wedding setting and a great vacation – and your wedding guests will truly enjoy it! Below are five wonderful reasons for considering planning a destination wedding. 1. You will be able to […]

What to Know about Bridal & Prom Gloves

June 2, 2012

Should you wear gloves with your wedding gown or prom gown and what style…what length? If the wedding or affair is very formal then you should consider wearing gloves – if the affair is very casual then you may not need them. When choosing gloves to go with your gown take into consideration the fabric […]