One of the most popular accessories for your wedding will probably be a wedding guest book. You can choose to go with a traditional style of guest book or you can choose one of the more popular and unique forms of guest signatures.  The guest book is typically placed at the entrance to the wedding reception where your family and friends can sign their names and maybe a brief comment to let you know that they attended and that they wish you the best.

This wedding guest book has a place for a photo

Since many wedding receptions can include a large number of guests it can be difficult for the bride and groom to know which of their invited guests were able to attend. After all the festivities of their special day, the bride and groom will want a keepsake that they can cherish that will include a list of all their friends and family who shared their celebration. Having a book or other item that the guests can sign is one way of capturing those memories.

Starfish Beach Theme Wedding Accessories includes Guest Book & Pen


Black and White Damask Wedding Accessories

When you begin your shopping for a wedding guest book you will find hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. If you are going to purchase a traditional style bound signing book then you will be able to choose from guest books that come in fabric and lace, black & white damask, pearl accents, hot in style colors like ivory, mocha, chocolate brown, eggplant, taupe, red, silver or gold and many other colors and accents. You can go with themed guest books that match your wedding theme like western cowboy, beach or seashell, Cinderella or fairytale theme, winter snowflake, fall or autumn, romance, hearts or flowers.

Winter Theme Wedding Accessories with Snowflakes

If you want to go non-traditional you can purchase signing plates or platters that come with permanent ink markers.  Or you can find beautiful guest book frames which allow your guests to sign the matting of the photo frame which would include your wedding photo.  Another unique idea for your guests is a wedding wishes envelope book where each guest can leave a special message on note cards that are kept in a special album.  Another unique idea is a family tree guest book alternative which can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date and will become a treasured family keepsake in the years to come. How about creating a custom puzzle with your names and place the puzzle pieces in a large bowl where each guest can take a piece of the puzzle and write their wishes to the bride and groom.  Other unique ideas include creating quilt pieces to be signed and sewn into a quilt after the wedding or guests fill out recipe cards with their favorite family recipes, vintage post cards for signing, homemade poster with unique artwork, a favorite photo book as a guest book on a subject the couple loves like birds or animals and a signing scroll.

Family Tree Guest Book Alternative



Wedding Guest Book Good Wishes Note Cards


Whatever guest book idea the bride and groom decide to use at their reception it will become a wonderful and treasured keepsake of their special day and an item they will share often with family and friends.