Avoiding Wedding Drama – Controlling Your Emotions

A wedding can be an emotional day for all the parties involved. The bride and groom, your families, and your bridal party will experience feelings and want to voice their opinions on items ranging from who should be included on the guest list, what decorations you should use at the reception, what special foods should be included on the menu or what kinds of music should be played. This will create substantial opportunity for drama to present itself.

The bride may have inner battles regarding some of her choices at the last minute – second guessing herself. Here’s some advice on weathering these situations:

Take Time for a Breather

Plan fun things to do with your future spouse that doesn’t have anything to do with the wedding arrangements and discussions. You will find that staying connected to your sweetheart is so very important. Just think….this is the first big project the two of you are planning together.

The same thought applies to your close friends – they have many experiences going on in their daily lives that they will want to share with you that aren’t wedding-related. Make sure you aren’t  letting wedding day drama absorb your whole life.

Stay Healthy & Fit

Now is not the time to let your personal fitness routine, adequte diet regime, medical appointments, etc. be ignored and overlooked. You will want to look and feel your very best on your wedding day, rather than over-stressed by the all the arrangements, appointments and the inevitable wedding theatrics. Keep everything in perspective…even if you’re on a short schedule, missing a small detail is a minor cost compared to feeling overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning process.

Make Use of Your Voicemail

It’s very easy to get bombarded by phone calls from your family, friends and wedding vendors. Let your voicemail or email service help slow down the pace of all the wedding drama. When you screen your phone calls, you will get the shorter version of the message and if something is urgent you can respond….otherwise it can wait. You will find that you can give a more thoughtful reply to the caller if you are able to give your full concentration to their call. Multi-tasking is great….but try to respond to calls when you are not so rushed and tired.

Be Open to Suggestions

Those closest to you may give you some wonderful ideas that you hadn’t considered. Give their suggestions some consideration in your planning. Let them know that their ideas are appreciated and give them a chance to feel part of the planning by letting them know you are considering their ideas.  You will want to avoid  answering their suggestion quickly or rashly. Make sure that your “yes” to their idea is one that you can stick with so that you don’t disappoint them later on when they find out you did not incorporate their suggestion.

Ultimately The Decision is Yours

It’s your right to choose whether or not to incorporate suggestions.  Make the decision that just feels right – remeber that there are no wrong answers.  As you reflect on your planning, staying in control can help you to not feel pulled in many directions as the wedding drama begins to erupt.  Afterall, it’s your special day and your decision needs to be respected.

After you’ve made your decisions, try to make amends with family or friends if you feel that you disappointed them. Be sure to advise them why you decided not to accept their suggestion and that you hope they’ll respect your decision. Being assertive in a kind way should bring the whole issue to an end and hopefully keep the wedding drama to a minimum.

No Cause for Alarm 

Not every slip up is an emergency, so avoid letting the alarm bells ring when there seems to be a problem. Expect oversights – people are human and make mistakes.  But don’t let these little things ruin your special day – wedding drama is a part of every bride’s celebration – but you can rise above all this drama and stay calm, cool and collected!

Take care of fixing the things that need to be done and then focus on having a happy wedding and looking forward to a new life. If something major does happen, think of the grand story you can tell your grandchildren.  Did you know that popular superstition says that the more wedding drama you have, the happier the marriage will be!

Through all the confusion and stress, just remember to take deep breaths and don’t sweat the small stuff. No matter what situations come up on your wedding day, you’ll experience a day with treasured memories that will last a lifetime and you probably won’t even remember the wedding drama that occurred.