Unique Wedding Reception Traditions

In countries around the world or in different cultures there is a wide variety of different post festive wedding ideas. In Great Britain, people often have a sit down dinner after the wedding ceremony and then they dance the night away with music and lots of alcohol where people often drink way too much.

In Italy the wedding guests dance the Tarantella which is a particular style of Italian folk dance. Different Italian provinces and regions have their own unique variation of this dance, such as Tarantella Calabrese and Tarantella Napoletana. There is also another style of dance called a cookie dance. In this Italian tradition, wedding guests form a long line, similar to a conga line. The line circulates around the reception venue, passing by a dessert table layden with cookies. Each wedding guest takes a treat as they pass the table. Some Italian receptions feature a special tray of wedding cookies piled in the shape of a cake used exclusively for the Cookie Dance.

Take a look at wedding traditions from around the globe and you may find traditional wedding reception ideas that might interest you. For instance, at a Greek wedding reception the bride leads a lively dance known as the kalamatiano, where the entire wedding party joins hands and skip in a circle. The wedding guests are crazy about the tsamiko, which features skilled dancers leaping into the air, and the wild zebekiko, where dancers sequentially drink shots of ouzo (a Greek liquor) off of the floor.

You may want to choose a theme for your wedding reception. Your theme could be an evening in Hawaii where all the ladies wear a flower behind their ear. If the lady wears her flower behind her right ear she indicates that she is single and a flower behind her left ear means she is taken. Ask the ladies to wear hawaiian print dresses and the men to wear their favorite Aloha shirts. Your food table would offer a banquet of Hawaiian favorites like roast pig, fresh pineapple, chicken long rice and Lomi salmon. And of course, what would a Hawaiian banquet be without the famous Mai-Tai cocktails.

Another great idea for a unique wedding reception is having the reception at a local winery and have wine tasting as part of the reception. Or maybe you are crazy about wild animals – how about having your reception at a zoo – think about how fun that would be especially for the families with kids.

One idea that should be considered is that the bride and groom make a special time at the end of the reception meal to go around and visit each table and thank everyone individually. Visiting each guest at their table is practiced in a variety of cultures where giving money to the bride and groom is the normal gift. The bride and groom visit each table and say their thank you as they are handed envelopes of cash.

There is an endless array of unique wedding reception ideas a couple can use to make their wedding party a memorable event. The couple doesn’t have to follow the normal tradition of a banquet and dancing – the reception can be full of innovative ideas to keep the guests amused until the event has ended.