Monogram Cake Tops – Personalized & Elegant Wedding Decor

Your wedding cake or anniversary cake should be decorated to represent your taste in style, color and design. The top of the cake should be an interesting focal point as your guests view your cake table. One of the most popular ways to add flair and elegance to the top of a wedding or anniversary cake is adorning the top of the cake with the bride and groom’s monogram initials.  On a wedding cake, the bride now has a special way to show everyone her new initials and the groom has a chance to show everyone that he has added his bride to his monogram. This will also become a permanent keepsake for the wedding couple that they can reuse on any special anniversary.

Monogram cake tops have really become so popular in the last few years that they are now available in a wide variety of styles, accents, materials and colors.  You will probably want to choose a set of monogram initials in a color scheme to match the colors on your cake or the colors of your wedding or anniversary decorations.  For a special anniversary there are distinct color choices you should consider: 25th anniversary = Silver;  40th anniversary = Ruby;  50th anniversary = Gold;  60th anniversary = Diamond.  You can purchase any number from 0-9 so that you can use these numbers for any special event such as anniversaries, birthdays, commemorative occasion or corporate event.

When choosing a monogram cake top you will have the option of choosing from a variety of materials. Normally you choose the letters you want as individual cake letters which gives you the option of placing them on the cake as close together as needed and in any order. You can also purchase hearts and ampersands to put with your first initials for a unique design for your cake topper.  Here is a brief list of the types of materials that are available through retailers: 

Painted Resin – This is the least expensive type of monogram cake top available. Usually comes in silver or gold in a block letter or script letter. You don’t have to be concerned about tarnishing because it’s made of a hard molded plastic material. Typically the size ranges from 2.5 inches high to 4.5 inches high.


Resin Monogram Cake Topper

Resin Monogram Cake Topper with Rhinestones


Acrylic Mirror – The acrylic mirrored style cake tops are usually custom made-to-order.  They are available in several thicknesses such as: 1/8 inch, ¼ inch or ½ inch.  Because this style of material is made-to-order, the retailer can order your monogram cake top in whatever size you want usually up to about 8 inches high or wide.  You want to make sure that you work with your cake baker to determine the proper size in width needed for your cake top before you place your order for this style of cake top. Usually custom made cake tops are not refundable once they are cut to order. The smaller thickness size (1/8 inch) are usually only mirrored on the front side of the initials or numbers.  The double sided mirrored cake tops (1/4 inch) are best for a cake that will be viewed from all sides. As an added accent on the mirrored letters and numbers you can order them with colored crystals in dozens of choices to match your occasion.


Mirrored Monogram Cake Toppers

Mirrored Monogram Cake Toppers Available in Gold or Silver


Metal – There is a much larger variety of metal monogram cake top letters and numbers than in the other materials.  You will find silver-plated metal, gold-plated metal and aluminum metal that is custom made-to-order. The styles of lettering come in the most popular fonts and in any special font that you may want in the custom made-to-order metal.  The most popular fonts are: Commercial Script, French Script, Renaissance, Vintage Style, Harrington, Chopin Script, Benquiat, Amazone and Roman Block style. The aluminum metal monogram cake tops can be enhanced with crystal accents in your choice of colors.  Adding crystals to the monogram will increase the price but the results are so spectacular you will find the price was well worth it.

Monogram Cake Top Made of Metal

Monogram Cake Top Made of Metal

Swarovski Crystal – Your wedding or anniversary cake will sparkle with elegance with metal letters or numbers completely decorated with Swarovski crystals.  For the most elegant of monogram cake toppers you’ll want to select from the variety of clear Swarovski crystal monogram cake letters or numbers that are available from local or online retailers.  These sparkling monogram cake tops have been seen on some of the most expensive cakes at the weddings of the rich and famous. The Swarovski crystals come in different shapes from round to marquis. Some of the letters are only partial decorated and other letters are completed covered with crystals for a dazzling effect. These gorgeous crystal letters come in sizes ranging from small (2.5 in tall) to large (4.5 in tall).  You can choose from several popular fonts.  You will want to make sure to measure the top of your cake so that you order a letter size that will be the perfect size in width for your wedding or anniversary cake.

Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Topper is so elegant