Jack-N-Jill Favors Popular for Wedding Guests

In the past, men had bachelor parties with kegs of beer and half-dressed women, and women had showers where their best friends and close family brought them gifts. In today’s modern times, things have changed and a lot of the wedding couples hold a joint wedding shower and hand out Jack-n-Jill wedding favors.

When arranging a co-ed party like this, it’s always good to remember to have Jack-n-Jill favors for the guests, which are normally a small gift like a box of chocolate truffles, personalized mint tins with yummy mints, unique personalized cookies that are individually wrapped or wine favors like heart-shaped bottle stoppers or wine charms.

When you give a Jack-n-Jill favor you are giving a keepsake that symbolizes the guests are sharing your special day. Most couples view these favors as an extra special gift that their guests can cherish as a remembrance of the great time everyone had at the event. 

Favors are also given to thank a guest for the wedding present the couple received, and in many countries different varieties of guest favors are given as a way of acknowledging the gift received to personally thank the person who has given it, or the couple who gave the gift when you have a co-ed Jack-n-Jill shower.

Your Jack-n-Jill party should have a theme and you would want to choose favors that work with the theme of your party. For example, it would be strange for a guest to receive a personalized box of golf balls if your party theme is Hawaiian luau.

If your shower budget allows you may want to spend more on elaborate favors for your Jack-n-Jill shower guests. It can be a lot of fun to create favor baskets or decorated favor boxes. In the baskets or boxes you can put several lovely items like a package of macadamia nuts, fancy chocolates, a personalized gift of some kind and other items that you think your guests will genuinely appreciate.

In the past it was customary for the future brides and grooms to be surprised with showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties, but in these modern times the brides and grooms often arrange theses special events themselves. When the couple arranges the Jack-n-Jill event themselves, they have the option to create the shower or party that they would most enjoy, inviting the guests they want, and selecting the special favors they would love giving to their guests.