Honeymoon Choices – Does the Bride Decide or the Groom?

How do couples agree on a where to have a honeymoon if they have different interests? The lady wants to snorkel and go watering skiing and he prefers camping in the woods. Let’s face it – the bride of today isn’t shy about creating the wedding day around her likes and needs – but when it comes to the honeymoon, does the groom have any creative input – or does the bride dictate whether they go swimming in the Caribbean ocean or hike to the top of the Rocky Mountains?

A honeymoon can often be the only major vacation many couples take together – because once the couple begins having children, it can be difficult for some husbands and wives to find time and money for a romantic get-away.  For couples always traveling, they may find it difficult to find a honeymoon location that’s truly a new and special place.

Many couples find that they are exact opposites when it comes to planning a honeymoon vacation that meets both their wants and needs.  Some men prefer hiking and backpacking and outdoor sports while their brides prefer to be pampered while relaxing at a hotel with a spa or maybe it’s the other way around.  He wants luxury and she wants to rough it in the wild!

Actually, there are ways to insure both the bride and groom get what they want out of their honeymoon, but they have to be willing to make compromises.  For instance, if the couple chooses to go on a honeymoon cruise, they will probably be docking at various ports along the trip. During the time they are docked, the bridal couple can take part of the many activities offered by the locals – such as hiking tours, canoeing, rafting or rock climbing.  While cruising the seas, the groom can agree to relax by the pool with his new bride, enjoy a massage at the spa or take her dancing in the ship’s night club giving her the romantic honeymoon that she really wants.

Even if the couple is honeymooning in a snowy mountain cabin, it’s possible for either the bride or groom to participate in the activities they enjoy while the other one reads a good book by the open fire.  Or, they can take turns doing what the other person wants and they may discover new activities they both really love.

When it comes to marriage it’s all about compromising.  With so many wonderful places in the world … the newly weds should be able to find a honeymoon venue that suits them both.  The bride and groom are bound to find at least one beautiful location that offers something for them both to experience that will give them a honeymoon to remember and enjoy.