5 Great Reasons to Decide on a Destination Wedding

Think of choosing a destination wedding? Destination weddings are becoming very popular because planning one is so easy. You get a memory album wedding setting and a great vacation – and your wedding guests will truly enjoy it!

Below are five wonderful reasons for considering planning a destination wedding.

1. You will be able to leave all your “cares” at home while other people do all the work.

Whether you choose a tropical island wedding, an Italian Riviera locale, camping safari in Africa or a romantic cruise on a luxury ship, you’ll find experienced staff ready and waiting to cater to your wants and desires.

What better way to begin your new life than on a relaxing vacation? Your day-to-day worries or anything that might cause stress will be out of sight and out of mind with a destination wedding.

2. A destination wedding will give you more bang for your buck.

You might think that traveling to an exotic locale to tie the knot would put a huge crimp in your wedding budget which you took great pains to create for your special day. Contrary to that belief, a destination wedding can actually be less of a strain on your wallet.

Travel packages are readily available that come with everything included – air fare, transportation requirements, discounts for multiple travelers, etc. Consider that in many locations, everything you need (such as flowers and music) is localized to make your get-away wedding so simple and easy.

3. You’ll get to an opportunity to choose the location & activities that appeal to you, as a couple.

The picture-perfect setting of a Hawaiian beach is the best romantic background for your destination wedding if you’ve always dreamed of getting married barefoot on the beach with colorful flowers in your hair. The photos will be awe-inspiring & beautiful.

But if sand and surf isn’t your cup of tea, a European wedding in a castle can fulfill daydreams of Romeo and Juliett or Cinderella and Prince Charming.

4. You get to choose the type of weather for your wedding celebration day!

It’s true that most couples think of warm weather for saying their destination wedding vows with a wedding in a unique and sunny location. But you might have other ideas – like being in the mountains with snow skiing and a log cabin with a huge fireplace. By doing a little research, you can have your favorite weather location become a reality.

5. Thinking of a theme? A destination wedding can be a change from the traditional wedding designs and decorations.

Many couples are considering a theme wedding rather than the traditional rituals held in a church or synagog. An tropical island destination wedding ceremony & reception will be much better if held in Jamaica or Hawaii than Oregon or New Hampshire.

Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland theme and you live in Florida? Switzerland or Norway can fit that request and dream in a way that will be a lifetime of special memories more than 90-degree humid weather.