What to Know about Bridal & Prom Gloves

Should you wear gloves with your wedding gown or prom gown and what style…what length? If the wedding or affair is very formal then you should consider wearing gloves – if the affair is very casual then you may not need them. When choosing gloves to go with your gown take into consideration the fabric and color of your dress. Formal gloves for women usually come in matte (no shine), matte-satin (light shine) or satin (very shiny). Try to match the glove fabric and color to the style and color of fabric in your dress as far as shine or no-shine is concerned. Take a look at the embellishments on your dress. If your gown has a lot of pearls and stones you may want to chose gloves that are plain so that they won’t compete with the dress. And the opposite is true … if your dress is very plain then you might want to chose a glove that has pearls, stones or lace. Most formal gloves come in the basic colors of white or ivory. And if you have a light ivory dress look for formal gloves in diamond white which is an off-white color and perfect for a light ivory or diamond white dress. If you have a champagne dress you can wear ivory or champagne gloves – although finding the right shade of champagne in a formal glove can prove a little difficult. You may need to find dyeable gloves and order them to your specification.

What length & style of gloves should you wear? If your bridal gown is strapless you can wear opera length gloves which go almost to the underarm or above elbow gloves. If you have short or long sleeves on your dress consider wearing below elbow or wrist gloves. Most gloves do not come in sizes. And based on the manufacturer not all glove lengths are the same from one company to another. Here is a rule of thumb for lengths: Opera (18″-22″), Above Elbow (14″-16″), Below Elbow (9″-12″). For the bride you can purchase fingerless gloves if you want to have your wedding ring show and you want to make it easy for the groom to slip it on your finger. Fingerless gloves have a loop that fits over the middle finger. They also make a style of glove called ring fingerless which allows just the ring finger part of the glove to slip off when you need to put on the ring and then place it back and still see your wedding ring.

For prom dresses you can purchase dressy gloves in a variety of colors to match your dress. But trying to find the exact shade of color like fuchsia, plum, purple, aqua, etc. may be more difficult than you think especially if you are ordering the gloves on the internet or through a catalog. If you can’t match the gloves in person it may be better to go with a neutral color like white, ivory, off-white, silver or gold. The same rules apply to prom dresses that apply to bridal gowns as far as style and length.

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