How to Make Your Wedding at Home Into a Destination Dream

Are you planning a wedding in your home?  It doesn’t matter whether your budget made the choice to have a home wedding or you did, home weddings aren’t what they used to be.  Home weddings have progressed a long way over the past decade.  Now your home wedding can be as classy and special as any wedding held in a grand church or banquet hall for a fraction of your wedding budget.

The key to having a great home wedding is choosing a great theme.   Just because you’re a little strapped for cash doesn’t mean you have to settle on less than desirable decorations and furnishings.  If you’ve decided on a home wedding to save money and you’re delaying the honeymoon…. why not have a destination wedding at home and bring the flavor of your favorite travel spot to you?  It’s easy to plan. 

Most couples have a honeymoon location in mind long before their special day, even if they can’t afford to go there right away – why not create the illusion of that location on your wedding day and bring your guests with you?  Would you like to plan to go to an exotic destination like Tahiti, Paris or Acapolco or perhaps you are thinking a Cinderella or Fairytale theme?  Bring that special location to you instead.  There are several companies on the Internet that specialize in themed party items at or below wholesale cost, making an at home wedding ceremony and reception with a destination theme easy to plan and quite affordable.

Once you pick a theme for your home wedding, start looking around to see what you can find for your budget both online and in your local community at places like Party City or Michaels Crafts or Joann’s Fabrics.  For under $40 you can get Tiki Themed party favors for your Tahitian destination home wedding.  An additional $40 or so will get you low cost grass, paper lanterns, party lights, decorated or colored paper plates, cups, flatware and paper flowers.  For under $100 you’ve just brought your guests visually to Tahiti with you at your home wedding party!   You should also talk to family and friends and see if they have any decorations or furnishings that might work well with your theme. 

Other ways to enhance the destination feel of your home wedding include the food and music.  Your budget probably didn’t stretch any since you started planning your big day, so think of food and music solutions that won’t break the bank.  Call your local grocery store and talk to the deli manager.  You can order trays of sandwich fixin’s, appetizers and a salad array that uses the flavors of your destination for under $20 a tray in most places.  Your deli manager may have even more fun ideas as well (such as mini tacos for Mexico, or coconut shells for bowls for Tahiti) – things that are easy to implement at a home wedding with limited space.

For music, online stores such as iTunes or eMusic are great ways to stock your computer with the sounds of the ocean, or local bands from your home wedding destination spot.  You can then burn the music onto a CD and play it to guests attending your destination home wedding. 

If you don’t want to use piped in music, you can call your local college or high school and see if the orchestra would be willing to send a quartet (or go for the whole orchestra) to play for an hour during the ceremony and for the first part of the reception at your home wedding, and then you can switch to DJ-style music. 

A home wedding doesn’t have the stigma that it used to.  Celebrities are commonly having home weddings.  Let your hair down and enjoy “traveling” with your guests on your special day.