When a bride shops for her wedding veil she can get very confused over the names of the types of bridal veil edgings that are available.  For instance, what is a soutache edge on a wedding veil or a rattail edge? What does a filament edge look like?  What type of edging would work best for the gown that the bride will be wearing on her wedding day?

It can get very confusing to make the right choice so that the bride’s wedding veil will look perfect with the style of wedding dress that she has purchased.  When a bride wants to consider the best options for a wedding veil she will want to choose a veil that is a compliment to her gown.  She needs to find a veil that has similar design accents as her gown but does not clash with the gown.  As an example, if the wedding gown as a lot of pearl beading she may want to chose a veil that has a light pearl edge as a compliment to the pearl accents of her dress.

wedding veil edgings

Examples of Wedding Veil Edges

The most basic type of veil edging is a cut edge.  This is simply veiling that has no edge at all. The next most popular veil edging is a corded edge.  This type of edging has a very small cord finish on the edge of the veil and can come in a variety of colors.  A pencil edge is the thinnest, most subtle edging sewn on a veil.  It is also called a rolled edge or an embroidered edge.  This type of edging should be the same color as the veiling material. A filament edge on a veil is a little thicker rounded edging than a corded edge and gives the veil a more polished edge.  The next type of veil edging is a rattail edge.  This type of edging is the next step up from a filament edge as far as thickness and also comes in a variety of colors.  A soutache veil edge is very flat and wide and usually comes in the color of the veil material.

bridal veil with soutache edge

Lovely Wedding Veil with Soutache Edge

If a bride wants a wide fabric edge on her bridal veil she may prefer a ribbon edge.  Ribbon edging usually comes in 1/8 inch width or 3/8 inch width.  You can chose from many different colors of ribbon to match the color on your dress or as an accent color to your dress.  Ribbon edging can be sheer or opaque.  Sheer ribbon edge can come as wide as 5/8 inch width.

Bridal veils with beaded or metallic edges are always quite popular.  You can find wedding veils with pearl edges, rhinestone or crystal edges, metallic thread edges and bugle bead edges.  The bride should look for a veil with a beaded edge that picks up the same type of beading as her dress.  If the bridal gown is very plain the bride may want to consider a veil that has very detailed beading or motifs that will add a wonderful design accent.

fingertip length bridal veil with bugle bead, sequin and pearl beaded edge

Sequin & Pearl Beaded Edge Bridal Veil is Fingertip Length

Lace edging is very popular for mantilla style veils which were the tradition centuries ago in Hispanic wedding ceremonies.  Now many brides chose a mantilla style veil because they love the lovely lace accents that seem very romantic and quite beautiful.  Lace edging can be very large or small and delicate.  The lace can have detailed designs of flowers or vines or just be a simple Victorian scroll.


mantilla style lace edge wedding veil

Elegant Mantilla Style Bridal Veil with Lace Edge


Like the wedding gown, the color and design of the bridal veil is a personal choice that is influenced by the personal taste and preference of the individual bride.  And today’s bride has so many choices among the many designers of wedding veils.  She’s bound to find just the right veil for her wedding day.